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Picote Xpress Coating Pump System 230v / 110v


Xpress Coating Pump System 230v / Xpress Coating Pump System 110v.

Pipe Diameter: DN32-300. Max Range: 40m. The new Xpress Brush Coating System
provides faster curing times, no waste, less mess, and minimal setup time for revolutionary
cost and time savings, featuring dual hydraulic resin cylinders. It has a built-in 24v, 882Wh
battery providing several hours of working time. The new 1:1 epoxy features an increased
thickness per layer and as little as 1 hour curing time between coats at 25°C. The system
also includes a motorized Delivery Hose Reel that stores 40m of delivery hose on board,
allowing for easier setup, movement and storage. Includes 10x flexible mixing tips

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