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Picote Maxi Miller – 12mm Shaft


Maxi Miller 12mm Shaft with Thick Outer Casing.
Use with 3kVA 32amp transformer in UK.
High Speed Cleaning DN70-250, Cutting DN70-200 & Brush Coating DN70-300
Range: 30m. Max Range: 40m with extension.
Weight: 89kg. 500-1475rpm.
Can be extended 10m (Extension: 1312021125010 Shaft 12mm Thick 10m).
Opens the door for new jobs such as blockage and root removal, light and heavy descaling,
reinstating lines in CIPP, epoxy brush coating, liner & concrete removal, and more. Standard safety
features: protective outer shaft casing, operator presence foot control, electric safety clutch and E-stop.

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