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Picote Maxi Miller Power+ – 18mm Shaft


Picote Maxi Miller Power+ – 18mm Shaft.

18mm Shaft.

400v, 3-Phase, 16amp.

High Speed Cleaning DN100-300 & Cutting DN75-300 (DN75-100 in straight pipe only).

Range: 18m.

Max range: 40m with extension.

Weight: 129kg.


Add 2x11m extensions.

Extension sold separately (1312021180011 Shaft 18mm 11m).

For the most challenging jobs the Maxi Power+ is by far the most powerful Picote Miller on the market, taking cleaning, lining removal, and cutting/reinstatements to another level for larger diameter pipes.

400 Volt, 3-phase machine.

Safety features include: protective outer shaft casing, shielded operator presence foot control, electric safety clutch and E-stop.

Powered by the Picote Generator or comparable unit.

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