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Picote Battery Super Mini Cleaner – 8mm shaft


8mm Shaft with Flexible Outer Casing.

High Speed Cleaning DN32-75, Cutting DN32-75 & Brush Coating DN32-75.

Max Range: 16m (no extension).

Weight: 33kg.

Standard Battery Weight: 3.5kg.

550-2200rpm Stepless Speed Control (forward & reverse).

Includes Cleaning Tools Package DN32-40.

The cordless Battery Super Mini Super Cleaner makes quick work of cleaning, descaling, root removal, cutting, reinstatements & brush coating.

Easy to transport and operate regardless of power outlet locations or availability!

Includes Standard Battery for up to 3 hours of continuous work.

Can also be used with power cable.

High Output Battery (Weight: 4.1kg) upgrade for up to 4 hours of continuous work (sold separately).

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